Speaking In Tongues And The Christian

Error seeps in where BIBLICAL TRUTH is not constantly and properly taught. To be correctly understood, the Word of God must be rightly divided and clearly disseminated.

The Bible says that wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the Lord is his treasure. We remain spiritually immature as believers when we become indifferent to the dissemination of Biblical Truth. This was the problem the Israelites had with God that moved Isaiah to prophesy about their refusal of the Gospel of Salvation.

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Though we are no longer in Sin, Sin is still resident in us and from the moment that new nature is imputed, it reveals and uncovers the presence of the Old nature and then the conflict for domination begins. However, these continuous conflicts are restricted predominantly to believers.

No rest can be known; no peace can be enjoyed unless we learn from God’s evaluation of these continued conflicts. We have formed resolutions, we have fasted, we have made vows, we have promised and are determined to bring an end to these conflicts but guess what, it still lingers on within and doesn’t seem to be going away.

It is against this lie of the devil of trying change, manage or regulate the Old Nature that the axe of Divine truth is laid when Jesus said, “That which is born of the flesh will always remain flesh and that which is born of the Spirit will always remain in the realm of the Spirit”.

This experience is so interlaced that it is difficult for man’s word to describe or explain it. Only the Word of God can help overcome this predicament and nothing else. The Word is able to divide what is of the soul and what is of the spirit; is also able to judge and condemn thoughts and intents of the heart.

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No miracle, no matter how stunning and convincing, can cause anyone to love God or to submit to His Will. In fact miracles very often have just the opposite effect.

It was because Jesus did miracles that the multitude wanted to take Him by force, to make Him their king. They had no intention of submitting to His lordship. The Jews wanted a figurehead king who could overthrow the Roman Empire, heal them when they were sick, and feed them miraculously when they were famished.

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Christianity and Psychology are two competing, conflicting and incompatible religious structures or entities. Not sure they should be combined together. When we attempt to combine these two words, they form what is known as “Christian Psychology”.

Christian Psychology unknown to some of us creates an unequal yoke that brings into the Church the captivating influence of secular Psychology. At best it’s still an embodiment of worldly wisdom, which comes to naught; completely separate from the wisdom that comes from God.

And now with the leading psychologists so profoundly involved in SELFISM and sorcery, “Christian psychology” unavoidably capitulates to some of these hallucinations (illusions) by bringing them into the Church today as “Principles of the Kingdom”.

This is occultism in a refined presentation!!!

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When doctrine is scorned at or snubbed, religion goes along for a while on generalised emotion and ethical intention and then loses the force or strength of its impulse, even the substance of its being.

Therefore, there would be no urgent proclamation of salvation, none for eternal judgement just a call to live right and love one another.

Such a message will sell on Oprah, FoxNewsChannel, CNN or the Oscars. It will definitely not sustain the Gospel driven church because it is definitely a different message from the real Gospel proclaimed.

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What is the Real Gospel.

What is the Real Gospel.

What distinguishes Christianity as the heart of the matter is not its moral code, but its story – the story of God, the Creator who, although rejected by the people He CREATED in His likeness and image, STOOPED to reconcile THIS SAME people to Himself through His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have been commanded by the Lord Jesus to preach the GOOD NEWS not GOOD ADVICE.

It is the Story of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ for the redemption of Mankind.

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