Should Christians Suffer?

Can I confess the Word so that adversity is eventually forestalled? Can I pray to avert afflictions, misfortune and hardship so that I wouldn’t SUFFER?

SUFFERING does not automatically or naturally lead to development and desired outcomes; it should be handled properly or faced with perseverance and endurance because the same fiery furnace that can destroy can be the same one that can purify if applied with good understanding.

We must be prepared in our heart and mind before the adversity that leads to SUFFERING strikes so that when it eventually strikes, we would not be caught unawares.

The more we get acquainted to and learn the doctrines or the teachings on suffering before the pain strikes, the better our mind and heart acclimatizes to the afflictions when the inevitable happens.

Once the crisis starts, we might not have enough patience to sit down to start learning what the Bible says about it. In other words, when it comes to suffering, we don’t want to be subjected to it with a learn-on-the-job attitude whilst in the middle of it.


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No miracle, no matter how stunning and convincing, can cause anyone to love God or to submit to His Will. In fact miracles very often have just the opposite effect.

It was because Jesus did miracles that the multitude wanted to take Him by force, to make Him their king. They had no intention of submitting to His lordship. The Jews wanted a figurehead king who could overthrow the Roman Empire, heal them when they were sick, and feed them miraculously when they were famished.

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