Our Breakfast Meeting

There was a lady who suffered from what the medical experts would label CIPA. CIPA is an acronym that means, Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis. It is an exceptionally rare inherited disorder of the nervous system, which prevents the perception of pain, heat, cold or any nerve related sensation, which also includes feeling the nudge to urinate.

People with this disorder are very likely to injure themselves in ways that would normally be avoided by feeling pain. For example, anyone suffering from this could burn him or herself severely and not even notice or feel any pain. The main signs of this disorder are lack of pain sensation, painless injuries of the arms, legs and oral structures.

You can then imagine what this lady’s parent would be praying and wishing for; they would wish for her to feel the sensation of pain at the very least. Imagine she steps on a piece of nail and no one knows and the same gives her serious infection…it could or would lead to her death.

This is what happens when we are not aware of the so-called evil around us.

1) All of us are well aware that God created all things so the question then is:
2) Is Evil part of the things God created?
3) If the above question is correct, did God create Evil?

Please join me on the 18th of November as we discuss this and more!