God is Sovereign

Maybe I should have kept the dreams from my Mother, Father and even my Brothers. I am in trouble now!

Maybe I should have picked Leah (Reuben’s Mum) to be my mother; this hatred would have been avoided. Daddy wouldn’t have bought me a coat of many colours. Imagine Daddy didn’t ask me to take some food to my brothers on the field, my brothers wouldn’t have betrayed me, they wouldn’t have put me in the pit, they wouldn’t have gone back home to tell daddy a lie that an animal killed me, and more importantly they wouldn’t have sold me off.

What would have happened to me if Abraham had refused to listen to Sarah and the offer for Hagar, his housemaid – the mother of Ismael (Isaac’s older brother), who would have bought me when my brothers decided to get rid of me by betraying and selling me? The Ishmaelite wouldn’t have bought me not to talk of making a trip to Egypt.

Finally, I landed in Egypt and the many who saw me never knew they were looking at their Vice President (using today’s language and expression); they saw me as a slave boy who was going to be bought by a slave master.

Hmmm, who do I want to be my master, who is going to buy me knowing that I will never see my family, especially my Dad not to talk of seeing my Mum…Anyway I don’t even know these slave masters; do I even know which is good or bad? I can’t make a choice but I know someone will definitely come to buy me at a certain amount. Can’t even think about my destiny or think about going to school…I am finished.

Can you imagine if Potiphar had married someone else, there will be no one to betray me, which would mean me ending up in prison; I would have become senior servant at best in the house of Potiphar. What part do I even have to play in Potiphar marrying his wife? There are so many hypothetical questions in the name of where would I have been, had it been that the so many things that happened didn’t happen.

I can’t even think about the family and my brothers who betrayed me. I can’t even fathom what Mummy and Daddy would be going through now…well Daddy has other children but Mum has just me and my little brother Benjamin. Little did they know about my life in prison, becoming a hardened criminal for refusing to give-in to my master’s wife and desire. Maybe I should have done it; maybe I shouldn’t but if I did it (why did God make me a good looking man), I wont be here (in prison) left with no hope of freedom.

Now I am in prison and everyone likes me, even the prison wardens have been so happy and easy on me. They allow me to have my way and all of a sudden I have become a very popular interpreter of dreams. The butler and the baker were brought to me and indeed I interpreted their dream and one was set free and the other, just like they had dreamt but guess what the butler was restored back to his position and the baker was killed.

I planned with the butler to help set me free but he forgot completely about me, so I thought to myself that human beings are wicked, how can he forget me and no matter what I think, I might not set my eyes on him again.

What if the butler did not dream at all? I wouldn’t have been called upon when the King had a dream and it was such that no one could interpret the dream, then that butler remembered his experience and me before he was released from prison. What if the King didn’t speak of the dream he had to the hearing of the butler, I would have remained in this hopeless place called prison.

It’s time to meet with the King, guess what, very early on this lovely morning, I was called upon by my boss, he told me the King wants to see me. I had my bath, dressed up, didn’t have a clue that I wouldn’t be back to the prison, I never knew that the day was going to be one of the greatest days of my life. I never knew I would become Vice President or second in command to the King; I never knew I would be boss to my master Potiphar and most importantly, I never knew I would set my eyes on my brothers and family again.

I have become a grown man; I had learnt lessons I would never have learnt in Daddy’s house; I learnt the lessons of life, lessons that would teach me how not to take revenge, to love and forgive those who did a lot of wrong against me. Now in the midst of these lessons, my brothers appeared in Egypt looking for food and not knowing that I their brother was in charge of the food they were looking for.

They had completely forgotten about me, not to talk of them remembering what they did to me. The last thing on their mind was seeing me again. They eventually saw me and knew it was me. Wow, what would be going on in their brains? “This boy (that’s me, their little brother) will kill us, there is no way he (me) wouldn’t take revenge against us” as they remained perturbed in their minds.

Finally, I see Daddy again but Daddy is old and could be on his way out, he is going to die soon. Mummy had died at the birth of Benjamin. Eventually Daddy died and we all have to remain as one unit as we mourn his death.

At least I saw him again and that was enough to make me happy and because of the lessons of life, I am able to see and analyze things from a different perspective. Think for one minute about what would have happened if I wasn’t released from prison?

Anyway we buried him and my brothers are in another world of their own thinking about their future.

After the funeral, my brothers talked among themselves: “What if he (that’s me) is carrying a grudge and decides to pay us back for all the wrong we did to him?” So they decided to lie by sending me a message. They said, before Daddy died, he told them to tell me to forgive them and all the wrongdoing they did. In fact they begged to become my slaves.

So I thought to myself, what if they didn’t do all they did, would I be here today? I had no choice but to help them to understand that God was at work in my life even in the wrong they did. Who in my position today will fight my brothers for all they did, I am not sure anyone would.

No love from Dad would have meant no coat of many colours, it would have meant no hatred; it would have meant no throwing me into the pit; it would have meant no encounter with the Ishmaelite’s and eventually no free trip to Egypt. It would have meant not meeting Potiphar and his lovely wife who helped me to meet the butler and the baker and eventually meeting with the King who made me his assistant or Vice President.

When they woke me up from my dream, we went to read the promise that God made to our grandfather, Abraham, only to find out that all these were part and parcel of His sovereign plan to form the twelve tribes of Israel and we all acted our various parts proficiently. Oh God.

Over and above the human intentionality, the human decisions that grew out of our evil inclination and impulse of fallen human beings, God indeed was at work and is still at work with the intention of bringing about good – Romans 8:28. He is indeed sovereign! It wasn’t about me after all but His plans and purposes

D. A. Carson: “To put it bluntly, God stands behind evil in such a way that not even evil takes place outside the bounds of his sovereignty, yet evil is not morally chargeable to him: it is always chargeable to secondary agents, to secondary causes.”

Keep it right here and be refreshed!


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