You Are Invited

Paul Yonggi Cho declared that it was through the imaginative powers of God that the World was created and because man is a “fourth dimension” spirit being like God, he too, whether Christian or Non- Christian, can create his own world through the same power of Imagination.

Is Faith a formula or a principle, which one applies so that the good things of life come to us or is FAITH a tool we use to drive our troubles away?

What happens (in the context of these definitions) when your FAITH doesn’t seem to be working? Does it mean that God will withhold the said “blessings”?

Is FAITH having a positive attitude, having a positive approach to life, or refusing to say the negatives that we are befuddled with?

Is this the Doctrine of Faith?

OR have we confused the Christian FAITH with mind Science?

Please join us at the Upper Room on the 16th of July 2016, 0900Hrs


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