The External, the Internal and Spirituality

Hebrews 9

From the perspective of the writer of this book, his presentation of the REAL GOSPEL to the Jews declares Jesus as the Son of God. The highest of all revelations has been given to us now through the vehicle of the Son of God – greater than the Angels (in rank and rule) and He’s sat at the right hand of the throne of majesty forever more. According to the writer, if God has to speak to anyone today, He would do so by speaking through His Son who is the arbiter of the New Testament. God created the world and all that we can see by His Son and at the end of the ages all will belong to His Son.

I have come to understand through this Book, that at no time did God refer to any of His prophets, messengers and the people He used, as His Son except for Jesus. He is the brightness of the glory of God. He mirrors God by having the complete nature of God – everything is held together today by the power of the spoken Word of God. There is a difference between when people speak and when God speaks. When God said, “Let there be Light”, Light appeared not because God spoke but because it was God who spoke. No human being will ever possess this kind of power forever.

So then Jesus became the begotten of God, He was sent by God; He also became the first begotten from the dead and overall, He becomes the heir of all. The world therefore must and will become subject to Christ.

The writer started his discourse with the Angels who are supposed to be ministering spirits; they were described as winds commissioned to assume the agency or form of flames for God’s purposes. In other words, God does anything and everything He pleases with Angels. The Jews were aware of these and by that there was tremendous respect and reverence for Angels. As far as this writer was concerned, the Angels were mere messengers carrying out the wishes of the Son of God; whilst Jesus was never described as a messenger but as a Son.

The writer proceeded to discourse Moses as the Prophet of God representing His children (Nation of Israel). It was Moses who led them out from Egypt – the place of slavery. Moses was sent to build a house for God. Every house, according to the writer is founded by someone (God in this context) and built by another (Moses, in this case). Moses was faithful and diligent in all that was committed to him. He was sent and empowered by God to carry out the details of the assignment given to him but all in all, he was a SERVANT. The founder of the house has more honor than the builder of the same house. It was Jesus who created Israel.

The Jews also had great respect for the office of the High Priest because they saw the High Priest (Aaron in this case) as representing them before God with respect to the covering of their sins. Once a year, the High Priest on behalf of the people would go into the Holiest of all with blood so that their sins could be covered. In his presentation, the writer went beyond Aaron and compared the priesthood of Jesus to that of Melchizedek.

Melchizedek was the High Priest and the King of Salem who appeared to Abraham before the Nation of Israel was formed. Melchizedek was not a High Priest over the Nation of Israel but a High Priest over the world then. In his conclusion, the writer compared the priesthood of Jesus to that of Melchizedek and the reason John said, “For God so loved the World” and NOT “For God so loved the Nation of Israel”. Jesus’ priesthood was also greater than that of Aaron without any restriction and equivocation; and the more reason the Jews should listen to the message of the Gospel that came through Jesus.

As much as the people (Jews) desired to gain access to God, they couldn’t because the rituals, ceremonies and sacrifices could not purge their consciences; it only remained in the external. Little did the Jews know that all the ceremonies, rituals and the Law coupled with the Tabernacle were only copies of the things that were shown to Moses on the mount. They were a symbol of the good things (salvation and eternity) that were to come. The blood that was shed in the Old Testament were blood of bulls, goats and the ashes of a young cow which was not enough to cut through to the conscience but was only good enough for the purification of their bodies. This was to let them know and expect the real thing that was to come in the person of Jesus. Jesus was the figure that produced the shadow in the Old Testament.

In Abraham God gave the promise and a Covenant, but the Covenant cannot be ratified with the blood of animals. For a COVENANT to be ratified, it had to include the death of the person who made it (called the Testator). So the blood of animals used in the Old Testament was only a pattern or copy of the original that would eventually come in Jesus and the more reason the Jews should have woken up from their slumber and sleep. They remained in their sleep even though the Prophets warned them at that time; their sins were not FORGIVEN because forgiveness demands the shedding of blood and more so not the blood from animals. All these can then be completed because JUDGMENT demands a substitute, not an amoral one but a moral one. The animal that was killed in the Old Testament was a symbol of what would happen to Jesus when the New Covenant was going to be initiated.


The Jews were warned of this and the many things they learnt in the Old Testament; they were warned at various times by the Prophet’s (an example is Jeremiah) of what God was about but they refused to believe in the Word of God. The Old Testament was a shadow of the New Testament; the Old Testament was a copy of the real thing (New Testament). Why would anyone chase shadows when the real thing is there?

Up till now, the Jews are still celebrating the Feast of Passover (Yum Kippur) but there is no High Priest, No Tabernacle and the killing of animals. They were warned that the Old Testament, the symbols and rituals were fading away and that the New was coming in. They never believed or gravitated to the New Testament. They were all about the EXTERNAL and never cared about the INTERNAL. They decided to become a LAW unto themselves and didn’t care about what God was about to do or was doing.

As it is with the Nation of Israel so it is with the present Church. We have become like the Jews who only cared about the EXTERNAL rather than the INTERNAL. We associate material things as proof of SPIRITUALITY and no one cares if we are indeed growing in our Spirit Being or not. Jesus said about the Pharisees and how they wash their drinking cups; they were bothered about the external cleanliness of the cup but never bothered about the inside of the cup.

Charles. H Spurgeon was spot on when he said, “A man is made by that which he feeds upon, and for the best manhood you need the best food. As certain silk-worms have their silk colored by the leaves on which they feed, so if we were to feed on Christ, and nothing else but Christ, we should become pure, holy, lowly, meek, gentle, humble; in a word, we should be perfect even as He is.

Keep it right here and be refreshed.


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