God Became Man

Hebrews 2: 10 – 18

To the Hebrew Christians, to the Non-Christian Jews with conviction, who have heard the message and have not committed and finally to the Non-Christian Jews who have not been convinced about the message of the Gospel, the writer continues in his presentation about the hierarchy in Heaven proving to his audience that indeed Jesus, because of what He suffered at the hands of those He created continues to remain higher than Angels. He needed to remind them of whom they should give their attention to – to God only and not angels. Jesus is higher than angels because of all He was put through in accordance to the Will of God.

It was God’s design that the created will rebel against their creator so that the creator can come down to planet Earth to redeem them back to the original intention. He had to experience death in the place of man before He could be crowned and placed on His throne. This was God’s ultimate design and plan because of the rebellion by angel Lucifer in Heaven before he was thrown down to Earth. Like we said, man had lost the authority and dominion given to him by God; no one else could bring redemption but God. No angel could have done this.

God therefore had predetermined that part of His plan of redemption, was to create Mankind, they will be placed in the Garden of Eden and eventually they will miss the mark and be thrown out of the Garden. Mankind will become Sin and there would be nothing good in us (according to Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans – there is no one that is good). Not only did we become Sin, we also became slaves to our new master – Satan. We walked all around, thought and made decisions in accordance to the spirit of this world. Only God could have done it.

To redeem us, He had to become like us (mankind) because whilst we were yet sinners and enemies of God, He came to die for us as a sacrifice and ransom to our former slave master. Hardly would anyone die for his enemies; hardly would anyone die for a murderer; hardly would anyone die for a terrorist, very scarce it would be for anyone to even die for someone they regard as good, but God overlooked all that to pay the ultimate price. Apostle Paul described the whole scenario like this; “He was made sin, He who knew no Sin that we that believe in Him can become the righteousness of God in Him.”

Because we have accepted Jesus into our lives as Lord and Savior, God has accepted us; He does not see us any longer as sinners but as the righteousness of God because of Jesus; we have become the sanctified and Jesus, the sanctifier. Hence, He is not ashamed to call us (Christians) His brothers and sisters which is completely consistent with His character. We now have a common origin with God as initiated by Him. We are therefore exposed to the knowledge and understanding of all that God was, of all that God is and would forever be.

Since the wages of Sin was death, Christ, in taking the form of man’s mortal state and the eventual death, burial and resurrection becomes a substitute for the wages of mankind today because when He died, He took away the power of death from the Devil so that we (mankind) would not have to die. The Book says He crushed him who wields the power of death to set us free from dying (spiritual death, that is). Not only did He crush the Devil, He set all that were in bondage and the fear of death free.

Jesus did not do all of the aforementioned for angels but for the offspring of Abraham; He was under an obligation to become like us so that we can become like Him. That’s why he had to enter into every detail of human life. Then, when He came before God as high priest to get rid of the people’s sins, He would have experienced it all Himself, all the pain, all the temptation, testing and trial and therefore He would be able to help them who would go through the same and offer help where ever it is needed.

To His audience, the three groups the letter was written to, the ones who have responded and committed would have cause to thank Him because they would be comforted by the work that was done and more so have the encouragement to continually walk with Him. To the groups that were convinced about the message and have not made a commitment, it was time for them to think about committing their lives to God and for the third group; they were given an opportunity to hear about what God did in His plan for humanity and maybe they will find it in them to commit and respond positively to the Gospel presented by this avid writer.

No angel could have done this; no angel was redeemed but Mankind. Therefore, Jesus is higher and greater than angels.

The criminal is now a child, the enemy is now a friend, and the condemned one is now justified. Mark, it is not said that we are “acceptable,” though that were a very great thing, but we are actually accepted; it has become not a thing possible that God might accept us, but he has accepted us in Christ – C H Spurgeon

Be Refreshed!


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