Created Lower But Higher Than Angels.

Hebrews 2:5 – 9

We read about the Son of God who was created by God and made in the image and the likeness of God. Nothing that we see today would have been created without this Son of God. The Son became the one that would inherit all that God had created even when it was through this Son of God that the world and the universe was made. God called His Son God, telling and reminding Him about His throne. The Son is also a King who will rule with righteousness, justice and equity forever. His throne was not going to be a temporary one but one that would outlive everything that God had created, even the angels and the World in its entirety.

God started in the Book of Genesis by creating and the statement read, “Let us”, meaning there was a council in Heaven comprising of God (Father, Son and Spirit) – three of them but One in essence. I have brought this statement in so that the expression of the writer of this Book would be made plain and clear that Jesus indeed was God expressed in the likeness of Man. Jesus existed before Abraham did according to what He said when He made His presentation in John 8. In other words, Jesus existed on the same pedestal as the almighty God. They are the same.

The three operated at different dispensation or administration: God (The Father) was the God in the Old Testament all through to the time John the Baptist appeared on the scene. It was John the Baptist who made the whole of Israel know about God (The Son) at the Jordan River. God (The Son) is represented in the story displayed in the Four Gospels until when He was killed and buried, and on the third day, He was raised from the dead giving an initiation to the third dimension of the essence of God (The Spirit) even to this present dispensation and time in history.

In the Psalms, David made a proclamation and also asked a question about why God is so fond of Mankind. He continued by saying that the same Mankind was created a little LOWER than the Angels. The hierarchy in Heaven was such that God was at the topmost of it all then came angels and then mankind. Before creation, the Father, the Son and the Spirit were all on the same pedestal (higher than angels) but the time came when there was rebellion in Heaven and Satan and a third of the angels were all sent out of Heaven to planet Earth. From the story of Adam, Eve and the Devil, we were able to garner that mankind had missed the mark and the need for that idea of SALVATION.

Initially, Mankind was created by God to have dominion over all that God had made, but the writer of Hebrews made it clear that we had missed out because of the original Sin. We gave away the dominion of the Earth to Satan and his demons. To regain the dominion because there is a world to come, we all need to latch on to this new idea of salvation that God has introduced or is introducing. The inspired writer has brought to our understanding the World that is coming; the World we would rule over just like God intended for us (mankind) at the beginning of creation. The primary thing that qualifies us to reign in the next world is to be SAVED!

The idea of salvation will and has never been man’s idea; it was God’s idea because it is not His wish that anyone perishes but that all should come to the knowledge of salvation. The question now is, what is the process of this salvation invented by God. It is such that God (The Son) would have to be born someday and in the likeness of man otherwise, He could not redeem mankind from the mess we have found ourselves in; He had to become like man. Apostle John says that He became flesh and dwelt amongst us. It was at this point, that the Son became LOWER THAN THE ANGELS. God (The Son) would leave the splendor of Heaven; come down to planet Earth under the dominion of the fallen angels (Demons) and the prince of this World, Satan.

How did God plan this salvation?

God came to planet and mundane Earth, leaving the splendor (I don’t know how you want to describe Heaven) and the beauty of Heaven to live amongst people who will see Him as a great enemy; a people who didn’t know that He came to Earth for their justification. Paul described it as, while we were yet enemies, He came down because we needed help. We became His enemies and were utterly opposed to any agenda God had. Unlike mankind His motivation was the love He had for us.

His purpose for coming to Earth was to suffer in the hands of mankind; punished for healing the sick, punished for opening blind eyes, punished for raising the dead et al. Mankind would do all in his power to destroy this Son of God; they will raise the Law against Him, look for many issues wrong with Him and eventually they will capture Him, make Him suffer, slap Him, make Him carry His cross and eventually take Him to the place of judgment. Only if we knew that all what we accused Him of, we were all guilty as charged with the penalty of death (Paul said the wages of Sin is death); like blind people we did not stop, we escorted Him to the place of death, we escorted Him to Golgotha.

God (The Son) was brought before mere men; He was brought before Pilate after what He had suffered in the hands of the ones He created. Mankind was against Him and that was displayed when the crowd was faced with the choice of having a man called Barabbas, who was on death row or the release of the One who made the world and everything therein. Barabbas was a man who had killed people, led insurrection and an utter rebel as compared to God who came so that we could have life in abundance. The destinies of both men (God and Barabbas) depended on Pilate.

As he (Pilate) stood on the stage on that very day to ask the crowd about making a choice for Jesus or Barabbas, I am sure he would have thought that the people would scream for Jesus; NO, the crowd screamed Barabbas, Barabbas and when he asked about Jesus, they screamed, crucify Him! Crucify Him!! Crucify Him!!! Little did they know that they were asking for God to be crucified. Then Pilate was left with no choice but to instruct the soldiers to release Barabbas and incarcerate Jesus and eventually crucify and kill Him. They killed God.

On the other hand, Barabbas would have thought that he was set free because of the people but he was very wrong. God set him free in other to display what God was doing as they led Him to be killed. While we were yet sinners, God died for us. What should have been done to Barabbas was done to God. Barabbas represented mankind who deserved to die and be crucified but his place was taken by God and the picture formed is such that, what could have been done to mankind, God decided to justify man by taking man’s place. And that is the story of REDEMPTION.

Jesus was killed, buried and on the third day He rose from the dead. He tasted death once and for all and this singular act was what made Him HIGHER than the angels, given a name above all names and most of all, in the future Kingdom mankind (Saved men/women) would have been restored to their original place where they are able to have dominion over all that has been created even the angels, sitting at the right hand of God forever more.

It all made complete sense when I read what Charles Haddon Spurgeon said, “that God should consider His fallen creature, man, and instead of sweeping him away with the besom of destruction, should Himself undertake to be man’s REDEEMER, and to pay his ransom price, is indeed MARVELLOUS!

Be Refreshed!


2 comments on “Created Lower But Higher Than Angels.

  1. God took the place of man even before His death on the cross. Barabas being set free was God trying to reveal what he was about to do or doing for mankind. What an eye opener. Thx PKS.

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