Constant Reminder

Hebrews 2:1-4

He has been proved to be on the same pedestal as God; nothing was created without Him; all that God has said and will say has been revealed in this Son of His; His Son mirrors Him in every ramification of the word stamped with the nature and essence of His Father; not only was the world created by Him and through Him, He also upholds all and everything by the power in His Word – the Word is the utterance which comes from His power and gives expression to it. He is the heir as far as the inspired writer of the Epistle was concerned, having purged us from our sins so that we can serve His Father and call upon Him whenever we want to.

By the title, “The Son of God” obtained when He was raised from the dead He became superior to angels; God never called any angel His son; He never told any angel to sit at His right hand so that He can make His enemies His footstool; He never said angels were to worship angels but that angels should worship His Son when He was revealed. The angels therefore were just servants and the world was made subject to this Son of God. The Son of God obtained His inheritance through the humiliation He suffered at the hands of the slave master; He is the begotten of God, He was sent by God, He became the first begotten from the dead and more importantly He is the heir of all.

God said to His Son, “You are God and your place is the throne forever ruling with the scepter of righteousness and rectitude eternally; You have been made King above your companions, You are the Master, you started it all by laying the foundations of the Earth couple with you crafting the stars in the sky. You are the Creator.” What other accolade does one need to know and understand that Jesus indeed is the Lord and the Christ. On this premise was the message of the Gospel instituted; the message is to believe on Him who was made flesh, the One who died for our Sin, the One who was raised from the dead so that we could be justified. And finally, the One who ascended up to His father, seated on His right hand making intercession for the saints forever.

To the writer’s audience, they seem to have forgotten the message of the Gospel and were cut in between the practice of the New Covenant and Judaism. They were inundated with so many persecutions and trials from their Jewish peers/sect; they had been ostracized and were faced with the fear of going back to practicing what they had been used to. To them, the writer addresses this particular part of the epistle. These people had believed and responded positively to the Gospel and because of the pressure, they were about to mix the Old and the New Covenants.

They are like many Christians today who have forgotten about the message of the Gospel because there are so many doctrines flowing around – some of us go to Church because we have been made promises of how God is dying to give material things to us. On this premise, what is taking us or drawing us isn’t the message but what we need from God. Some have added more to the Faith that was made available to us through the message of the Gospel thinking if we don’t do this or that, we might never attract the so called “blessings from God.”

This exceptional writer warns that based on what has been said in the introductory part of the letter and the various comparisons and presentation of the Son of God, we should (we that have believed and responded to the Gospel) be reminded of the story of the Gospel. In his words he said, “We must therefore pay closer attention to what we have heard, in case we drift away.” Yes! It is possible to drift away from what we have been taught or what we have learnt. The writer has taken into consideration our fallen structure – our minds and memories are like leaky vessels, they do not hold on to what is poured in them. The reason is because of our fallen structure, how it operates and the corruption it’s been overwhelmed by. Not only the corruption, we are also talking about the temptation we are surrounded with coupled with worldly cares and pleasures.

Jesus said this succinctly when He gave the parable of the seed and the sower: the seed that fell amongst thorns are the ones that were choked; the thorns prevented the seed from germinating into its full tree bearing fruits as anticipated. These particular seed yielded no fruits. The thorns in the story represented the seed cast in the weeds which represents the ones who hear the kingdom news but are overwhelmed with worries about all the things they have to do and all the things they want to get. The stress strangles what they’ve heard, and nothing comes of it. The King James Version of the Bible puts the thorns as the “cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and the lusts of other things choke the word.” This group of Jewish Christians was at risk of going back into the standards and patterns of Judaism – not of losing their salvation but of confusing the Gospel with Jewish ceremony and legalism thereby weakening their faith and testimony in God.

To the other group of people that heard this (the ones who received the word and haven’t responded to the message conveyed), the writer spoke of a neglect of salvation. Again going back to the parable of Jesus, this set of people represented the ones that heard the Word and immediately the devil comes to steal it from them. They heard the Gospel but did not commit to it. To sin against the Gospel, is to neglect and disregard its message. It is contempt of the saving grace of God in Christ, making light of it. There is no mistake in which message the writer was talking about. It wasn’t the message of Judaism; it wasn’t the message of the Old Testament; it was the message of the Son of God and what He did.

The message started when Christ (according to Apostle John) became flesh and dwelt among human beings, full of grace and truth. The same message was continued and confirmed by those who heard it firsthand from Jesus – the Evangelists and the Apostles who were eyewitnesses of what Jesus began to do and to teach. The message was continued on the day of Pentecost and after through the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues), through signs, miracles and wonders to further qualify or endorse the message and the mission to the uttermost part of the World. The message remained the same; it ushered in a New Way, a New Covenant; a new Priesthood and the new temple and the new sacrifice and the new sanctuary, all of which are better than the old ones.

To become distracted from the message of salvation is to lack the confidence backed up by the message. The instruction God gave to Abraham is to keep his Children and Children’s Children in remembrance of what God did for them and the Covenant God had with them. Moses also made statements about keeping in remembrance; the how and what God did for the Israelites, taking them to the Promised Land. They will not forget their Fathers (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). Failing to remember archaeology is to lose sight of the sovereign will of the Father.

This is the same Gospel we have been called upon to propagate to the rest of the World because we can read and learn about them from the pages of the Holy Scriptures. It is the power of God unto salvation to anyone who hears, believes and responds.

Be Refreshed!!!



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