Such Endorsement

If there is any book in the Bible that brings the whole counsel of God into one place and perspective whilst blending the Old Testament story and history with the New Testament, one will look no further than the Book of Hebrews.

The Son of God had just been introduced as the brightness of God mirroring perfectly and stamped with the express image of God; and Apostle John also expresses Him as the One who made the world and the things in it; nothing was made without Him. Not only were all things made by Him, He also upholds the world and universe by the POWER in His WORD. If the Sun appears at a particular time, it’s because it responds to the One who made it, the same for the moon and the stars.

The hierarchy in Heaven is such that God comes first, His angels before the people He created. The writer of Hebrews has compared Jesus (His Son) to God saying that Jesus is God expressed in His essence. The next step is to further compare this Son of God to the Angels who are supposed to be the next in hierarchy. Are angels higher than the Son of God this writer is introducing? Please stay with me on this one because this will also answer questions about the place of believers in this hierarchy and order.

In the plan of the Almighty God, you are either the creator or the created. The Son of God was not created by God but was God because we read that “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Therefore Jesus will always be in the category of the CREATOR and not the CREATED. The angels on the other hand were created by God (Jesus) and will always remain in the realm of the CREATED. So on no account would it be right for the CREATOR to worship the CREATED. This inspired writer would then establish that the Son of God is superior to the Angels or Angelic Beings.

The fullness of that peculiar name is not one that is attainable by human speech or thought. Jesus became the Son of God because by inheritance He had obtained a more excellent name than the popular Michael and Gabriel; He is the Son of God. He is by far higher than any angel in rank and rule; all things were made through Him and for Him. We start to come to the fact that from the above, Jesus is and would be on the same pedestal as God couple with the Holy Spirit. God never called any Angel His Son except Jesus; “I will be to Him a Father and He shall be to me a Son” did not mean that they are separate from each other. God never said that about anything that was created; that position was for His Son and none other.

Jesus was driven to the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil and the last temptation was such that Jesus was taken to the pinnacle of the temple in Jerusalem where He was able to view the Kingdoms. Immediately the Devil (who was a created but fallen Angel) asked to be worshipped so that the kingdoms could be handed over to the owner (Jesus). Jesus replied that it was supposed to be the other way round; God and only God (Me, Jesus meant) should be worshipped and served. God presented Jesus to the world and demanded that all including the Angels worship Him. In other words, the world was made subject to Jesus.

Angels were referred to as ministers, which mean servants…they were used to bring the Law; it was an angel that came to open the prison doors for Peter when he was incarcerated. In the Old Testament the Angels were received as visitors from God, they spoke on behalf of God to our Fathers (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). When Mary conceived baby Jesus, it was an Angel that brought a message inundating John that the pregnancy was of the Holy Spirit.

Many Jews had a delusory or idolatrous respect for angels, because they had received the Law and other tidings of the Divine will by their ministry. The Jews looked upon them as mediators between God and men, and some went as far as paying them a kind of religious homage or worship. Thus, it was necessary that the writer of Hebrews should insist, not only on Christ’s being the Creator of all things and therefore of angels themselves, but as being the risen and exalted Jesus in human nature, to whom angels, authorities, and powers are made subject.

This is the office of the angels: they are God’s ministers or servants, to carry out and do God’s pleasure. God used them as messengers, delivering His Word to particular individuals as WINDS (talking about how fast they can deliver the Word) and as FIRE (consuming the consumables). He does what He pleases with His angels. When He pleases, He commissions them to sit; at other times to stand; at times to resemble women; at other times to resemble men; at times He makes them ‘spirits’; at times, fire.” However exalted, they are but creatures. God does anything and everything He pleases with the angels.

In comparison to His Son (Jesus), God said, “you are God, you belong to the throne for good; your rule makes everything right forever.” He was not like the angels used as anything at anytime but He had a throne (only Kings sit on thrones); His position is to rule not for sometime but forever. It declared how Christ was qualified for the office of Mediator, and how He was confirmed in it: He has the name Messiah from being anointed by God, who will rule in RIGHTEOUSNESS. It was said of the Son of God, that He would love justice and hate injustice; the reason God marked Him out as King, far above any other.

All these were never said about any angel.

It was said about Jesus as He was again compared to the angels that it was Him who started it all; He laid the foundations of planet Earth and crafted the stars in the skies. The Earth and the Sky will wear out but this Son of God will never wear out. Like a garment (which becomes outdated and old), the CREATURES of God will wear out but Jesus will ever remain the same. The earth and heavens in their present state and form shall perish and cease; they would be folded up like a worn-out coat and be laid away on the shelf but Jesus would remain and stay the same, year after year; He will never fade or wear out forever.

The writer stresses that God said to His Son that He should sit alongside Him (God) on the throne until God makes His (Jesus) enemies a stool for His feet. This was taken from the custom of the conquerors putting their feet on the necks of the conquered when they finally win the battle and the enemy is humbled. Again, this was never said to any angel but to His Son. It was cited from Ps 110:1 when David said, “The word of God to my Lord: Sit alongside Me here on My throne until I make your enemies a stool for your feet.”

Therefore, angels are only servants—spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation. They are not to be worshipped. The angels are above in hierarchy to human beings but when anyone becomes a Christian, automatically they are above the angels; hence, angels become a helper and messenger to Christians.

“If you had eyes to see, you would perceive a bodyguard of angels always attending to every one of the blood-bought family.” – C.H Spurgeon.

Be Refreshed!


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