Why Darken Counsel With Multitudes Of Words Without Knowledge 2

God continued to opine as Job and his friends listened to wise counsel; they had never been aware of this sort of knowledge or the understanding of it. The four of them aside Elihu were limited in the knowledge they had, the borders of which they couldn’t speak or operate beyond. They all saw the situation from a different perspective as they listened because a higher form of awareness had invaded their finite mind. God had used the Behemoth to describe His greatness and sovereignty coupled with His essence and characteristics. All we need in today’s world is a form of cognizance from God, and our outlook to life will change.

Now we know the Behemoth cannot be trapped by anyone but God; it is not afraid of the raging and turbulent river even if Jordan rushes against its mouth. No man can look a Behemoth in the eye nor withstand its presence and live to tell the tale; but this same animal will fall to its knees at the command of the Almighty. Will that which was made and created dictate to its maker and creator? They all knew the animal but had no choice than to capitulate to the heavenly counsel. The Scripture says, “Let God be true and every man and circumstance be a lie”. God must have the upper hand at the end of the day.

The very moment a soul is broken down in true self-judgment, God rises before it in all His grace, majesty and benevolence as the Justifier. In other words, so long as we are ruled by the spirit of self-vindication or self-complacency, we will be total strangers to the deep blessedness of the man to whom God inputs righteousness without works. For our God delights in a broken and contrite spirit, He finds His habitat in such a soul.

In accordance with the Word of God that says, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses a truth is established”, God gave yet another example to further cement their confidence in Him and not on Traditions, Experience or Legalities; knowing they couldn’t contend with Him. God asked them about another animal He had created; He asked Job about the makeup of the Leviathan.

Leviathans were described as immensely powerful, hungry, clever and poisonous. They were also described as “the twisted animal”, gathering itself in folds and were extremely dangerous. Before God went on to create more creatures, He felt that the Leviathans threatened to consume and destroy everything “in God’s Petri dish.” This animal was one that Job and his friends would have had a form of knowledge about else God wouldn’t have used it. So here comes the barrage of questions from God about this animal.

Can you pull in the sea beast, Leviathan, with a fly rod and stuff him in your creel? Can you lasso him with a rope, or snag him with an anchor? Will he beg you over and over for mercy, or flatter you with flowery speeches? Will he apply for a job with you to run errands and serve you the rest of your life? Will you play with him as if he were a pet goldfish? Will you make him the mascot of the neighborhood children? Will you put him on display in the market and have shoppers haggle over the price? Could you shoot him full of arrows like a pincushion, or drive harpoons into his huge head? If you so much as lay a hand on him, you won’t live to tell the story. What hope would you have with such a creature? Why, one look at him would do you in! If you can’t hold your own against his glowering visage, how, then, do you expect to stand up to me? Who could confront me and get by with it? God had more to say about this monstrous animal.

“But I’ve more to say about Leviathan, the sea beast, his enormous bulk, his beautiful shape. Who would even dream of piercing that tough skin or putting those jaws into bit and bridle? And who would dare knock at the door of his mouth filled with row upon row of fierce teeth? His pride is invincible; nothing can make a dent in that pride. Nothing can get through that proud skin— impervious to weapons and weather, the thickest and toughest of hides, impenetrable!

He snorts and the world lights up with fire, he blinks and the dawn breaks. Comets pour out of his mouth, fireworks arc and branch. Smoke erupts from his nostrils like steam from a boiling pot. He blows and fires blaze; flames of fire stream from his mouth. All muscle he is—sheer and seamless muscle. To meet him is to dance with death. Sinewy and lithe, there’s not a soft spot in his entire body, tough inside and out, rock-hard, invulnerable. Only God is able to tame such an animal, for it is subject to the voice of the Almighty”.

This description of the Leviathan was to further convince Job of his own weakness, and of God’s mighty power and sovereignty; God showed how impossible it is for Job or any of his friends to deal with the Leviathan, thus, sets forth His own power in that mighty creature. If such a language describes the terrible force of Leviathan, what words can express the power of God’s wrath? Even the very power that opposes God by their evil doings, are still and will remain subservient to Him – Job had to learn this.

With all the plethora of questions, Job never had an answer. He kept mute and mused at all God brought to his attention. Obviously, in his mind he would have come to another level of understanding, which will cause him to revere God as the Almighty who created the Heavens and the Earth. Only He has the power to stop evil and still command the morning. No other is capable of this, that’s why He would forever remain God and we would forever remain Men even at our very best.

“I’m in charge of all these plus I run this universe” – God.

Be Refreshed!


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