Thank You

You Are Much Appreciated

To all the different blocks of people in my life (Family, Primary School Friends, Secondary School Friends, FGCL Ijanikin, OAU Friends, Christ Love Fellowship, to my Christ Chapel friends, To My Friends in The Champions Club UK , Oasis Christian Centre Ijebu-Ode, Oasis Community, My Ex-students at the Oasis Training Centre, My Pastor Friends and well-wishers, home and abroad), I say a very big THANK YOU.

Your presence and support at the Book Launch Ball was highly appreciated. I pray that the Lord will bless and support you in all your endeavours.

I will not forget.

For the benefit of my friends who were not able to attend or purchase the book during the Book Launch on Saturday, you can now purchase at the “BOOK LAUNCH” price and the book will be delivered to your address.

Follow the link below to get your copy.

The Book will not be available on Amazon until end of September 2014.

Much Appreciated


PST Kunle Surakat



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