God is Working

How would I describe the Kingdom of God, Jesus elucidated to His disciples. The Kingdom of God is God’s domain and Jesus as the Messiah; that Kingdom is in Heaven; it is not physical but spiritual. It symbolises the rule of God as opposed to that which is on Earth; for this reason, when Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He told them to pray that the Kingdom of God comes; and that God’s Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. This implies that there is something special about this Kingdom of God. This is God’s rule in the life of His children, a Kingdom that is resident in the heart of the Christian. This is the same Kingdom that Jesus will come to setup physically when He comes to establish His throne here on Earth.

In describing the order of this Kingdom and how things assume their place and priority, Jesus compares the way things worked in this Kingdom to the parable of the leaven (yeast) that a woman adds to three measures of meal. Yeast is zumē in the Greek language, which typifies sour dough, in a high state of fermentation used generally in making bread. It requires time to fulfill the process when added to bread. When bread or cake was required at short notice, unleavened cakes or bread were used.

The Israelites were forbidden to use ‘leaven’ for seven days at the time of Passover, so that they might be reminded that the Lord brought them out of Egypt hurriedly – the unleavened bread was used. This bread was insipid in taste, reminding them too of their affliction, and of the need of self-judgment. It is also called the bread of affliction. The Leaven bread was also discounted and forbidden in all offerings to the Lord by fire being the bread of corruption and spreading through the mass of that in which it is mixed symbolizing the pervasive character of evil.

In the New Testament, leaven is used metaphorically of corrupt doctrine, of error as mixed with the truth. It therefore implies that throughout the history of Christianity, confirms the fact that the pure meal of the doctrine of Christ has been adulterated with error. So it is today in the body of Christ; too many teaching and propagating the false rather then the true Gospel. Leaven is also used to signify corrupt practices; Jesus told His disciples to beware of the doctrines of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

If leaven referred to corrupt practices and corrupt doctrines, why would Jesus compare the Kingdom of God to this same leaven, which a woman takes and hides in three measures of meal, after all the pictures He has painted about the effect of the leaven? Jesus in given this parable did not refer to the Kingdom of God as the leaven but helps us to understand the principles by which things worked in the Kingdom.

The LEAVEN is YEAST in today’s language used in the baking of bread. The nature of yeast is such that a very little amount is needed to bake say for instance bread. The effect of yeast on bread will help us understand the effect of the Word of God in the life of a believer. The YEAST is:

THE BEGINNING MIGHT BE SMALL: No matter how small you start anything in your life, a little yeast is needed to knead the dough, although microscopic in size, but given time; the yeast will spread through the bread. All you need is time and the effect of this little beginning to become evident. Jesus started with twelve disciples and we can see the effect it all has today.

IT MULTIPLIES: The Kingdom of God exerts its influence from within and not without. It is not what we do on the external that brings about the change but what we take in as in the Word of God we imbibe. Yeast starts to work from the inside and not outside and although one cannot readily see its influence physically, but there is a great depth of work been carried out inside. God would first change your heart and this internal change has its external manifestations.

IT’S INFLUENCE: The effect of the Kingdom of God will be widespread and across-the-board. The yeast works until it affects every part of the bread until the bread increases in size, shape and volume. This earth would be filled with the knowledge of God’s Word as the waters cover the sea. The Kingdom of God, has influenced, it is still influencing and will forever influence this planet earth forever and ever.

SLOW BUT STEADY: The effect of yeast on bread is quite invisible to the eyes but surely something is happening on the inside. Faith is not about seeing but trusting in the fact that the one trusted will do what they have been contracted to do at any cost without an evidential witness. Yeast does its job slowly, secretly and silently but its effect cannot be denied when the bread is done. This is in similitude with the ministry of the Holy Spirit working the Grace of God in the life of the Believer.

IT TRANSFORMS: The natural effect of yeast is to make the bread grow. It changes the unleavened bread to leaven bread. It completely changes the dough it comes in contact with. When a believer decides to passionately desire the Word of God and finally gets the understanding of the Word, there would be a total transformation in that life as that life begins to be opened up to the various dimensions of the will of the Father. This transformation is the work of the Holy Spirit and not the believer. The yeast affects every part of the bread and no part of it is left out. As we believers reflect the glory of God, scriptures encourage that we are being transformed from one degree of glory to another higher level of glory, which is by the Spirit of God.

NEEDS HEAT: When the yeast is added to the bread, heat is needed so that the yeast can carry out its work. As believers, trials, persecution and afflictions, to mention a few are needed because that’s the heat we need so that the best in us can be revealed. Without the yeast, the dough remains what it is with no change. Apostle Paul declared that we are children of God when we identify with the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Now that we are children, we become the heirs of God by the same identification (not what we do) and joint heirs of God, when we suffer with Him.

The caveat to becoming the joint heir is when we suffer with Him. This is the HEAT needed by all that God has chosen in accordance with His will; for we know that the present suffering cannot be compared to the glory that would be revealed in us. That NEEDED HEAT is part of the deal for our change of state; from one phase to a better phase.

He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think in accordance with the mighty working of His power in us. No matter where you are, no matter what has happened, no matter what would happen, God will always be at work in your life 24/7, 365 days and all through your life time.

“Great hearts can only be made by great troubles. The farmer does not sift his wheat because he dislikes it, but just the opposite; he sifts it because it is precious. And thou, child of God, thy trials and changes, and constant catastrophes, and afflictions, are no proofs of want of affection on the part of the Most High, but the very contrary.” – Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Be Refreshed!


6 comments on “God is Working

  1. The challenges we go through represents the process that is needed to transform us into what God wants us to be or where he wants us to be, just as the heat is needed to bring out the work of the yeast in the dough thereby turning it into the finally product which is the bread. Without the heat, the work of the yeast cannot be fully manifest; The heat is definitely needed.

  2. does this mean the holy spirit which represents the yeast in the dough needs challenges which is the heat to complete the transformation process. Isn’t the word and the holy spirit enough, why the challenges???. shouldn’t the desire and passion to seek him plus what is acquired through studying the word be enough.
    Cant really see why the challenges is needed when the holy spirit is already doing the work.

    • Thak You for your question Bill…..
      The heat makes the yeast work; getting to every part of the dough(no part of the dough is left out)…The heat is necessary to break down the fallen structure of the Adamic Nature so that when God starts to do His work with us, we wouldn’t have enough strength/energy to oppose Him. Persecution must always rise up for the sake of the Word…

      • The word of God was explicit when it said that they that must live godly in this world will suffer persecution. The moment one gives their life to the Lord as their saviour; its like signing a contract of war/disagreement with the power of darkness, believe it or not, they will rage war (He who is not for us is against us). In as much as the flesh war against the spirit even when the word of God that sanctifies us and the Holy Spirit that brings all things to our remembrance is available to us , we still need to walk /work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Such that when the “heat” comes we are refined, made stronger, grounded and unmovable as we stand on the solid rock. The battle is continuous as long as we live in this wicked and perverse world (heart of man is continuously wicked who can know it?) – John 17: 15, more so as we live contrary to its norms/culture confessing and living for Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Spirit of truth. As one battle is won another one rages hence the need to put on the whole armour and having done all, to stand (Don’t give room to doubt and unbelief) , watchful (test all things, hold fast to that which is true) till the end.

        The heat also signifies trials of our faith. As children of God, honestly you cannot say for sure what our reaction will be when faced with trials/temptation – read the story Abraham, Job, the three Hebrew boys and the golden image & the story of Daniel when asked not to pray to his God. According to John 15:1, even when are bringing forth fruits he purges (challenges purges) us that we may bring forth more fruit.

        It is folly to think that because one is a child of God there is no evil out there trying to break our relationship/fellowship with the father… in subtle ways such as, complaining, negative thoughts, sorrow, fear, anger, un-forgiveness etc. Trials of our faith worketh great things for us James 1: 2-4.

        In Jesus name through God we would do valiantly, for he it is that is the consuming fire and will swallow up all the heat/challenges raging its head against the salvation of our soul IJMN, amen.

        Cheer-up because greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world. When the challenges comes, with the word which is quick and sharper than any two edge sword and the Holy Spirit we will overcome.

        Continue to soak ourselves in the word and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us such that when the storm/challenges of life press hard on us, the word will rise up as a standard against it and defeat the situation and give us victory.

  3. Good message to remind us that we need to be moulded and endure as the refiner’ s fire purge out all the impurities in us, as we become vessel of honor and gold fit for our master’s use. Which is contrary to the feel good factor preaching that has made many believers forget what Christ meant that following him is not just about being merry.

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