Her Attitude Stinks


She was not given a name in the story, but the totality of her sickness was described and today we have given her a new name and have referred to her as “the woman with the issue of blood”. We were also not told about her family, who her husband was, if she had children or not, who her parents were or even where she lived. One thing was certain though; she had a sickness for twelve years. She was constantly loosing blood and very soon she might be giving up. One of the resources we are going to use in this story is the fact that she was a woman.

The scripture described the Holy Spirit as the down payment made to believers until He finally comes back. This gives a picture of the groom who engages his bride with the intention of coming back to finalize their relationship in marriage. This is what Jesus did when He went to Heaven at his death, burial and resurrection with the intention of coming back for his bride (the Church). This implies that the Church in scripture is referred to as the woman and Christ becomes the husband of the Church. He becomes the head of the Church.

The combination of all the believers on planet earth is termed as the Body of Christ of which Christ is the head and we are all parts of his body. The number twelve is also associated with the number of government (Church) according to biblical numerology. It is associated with the twelve sons of Jacob, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve spies who went to spy on the Promised Land and the twelve disciples of Christ. By this we can see and look at this story as that which pertains to the Church today. Most of the Pauline letters and Epistles were written to the different Churches addressing the different problems that each of them had and how he was going to make corrections and bring balance to them all; knowing that a false balance is an abomination before God.

Jesus had just gotten out of the ship from crossing over to the other side. He was crowded by the multitude and instantly he was asked by one of the rulers of the synagogue called Jairus to come and heal his daughter who was sick. Before Jesus could get there, she had died. She was also twelve years old, representing a different kind of Church. Considering the class to which this man belonged, so steeped in prejudice, one would not expect that he would come to Jesus. But because of the pressure of need, he had no choice but to meet with Jesus with the hope of relief because that was his only daughter (we weren’t told her name); after all what’s the point in gambling over such a predicament.

From these two we can then say that the Church today lies critical in the emergency section of the hospital and needs help in order to survive and live.

Our focus in this write-up is on this woman who had an issue of blood, the continuous loss of blood from her body and one will wonder at the miracle of sustenance for twelve years. One would only come to that conclusion that only the almighty could have kept her alive until she decides to meet with Jesus. Something kept her from going to meet Jesus unlike Jairus who went directly to meet the savior. She continued to loose blood because she didn’t have a good attitude.

A prominent psychologist defined “attitude” as an expression of approval or disapproval toward a person, place, thing, or event. It is the most distinctive and indispensable concept in contemporary social psychology. Attitude can be formed from a person’s past and present. It is also measurable and changeable as well as influencing the person’s emotion and behavior. In lay language, attitude may refer to the distinct concept of mood.

This woman was rich. She was a woman of worth. She had heard about Jesus but some how did not think she needed him to participate in the recovery of her well-being. She would rather have confidence in the uncertainty that riches brought, the cliques that she had, in addition to with her skills and advantages that she felt her riches brought her. She could afford to move from one physician to another OR from doctor to doctor in present day language, seeking treatment for her ailment, ignoring the consultation of the main physician. Her attitude stank.

The bible described that she spent all that she had on all the different physicians but the required result in achieving her aim was more or less frustrated. Her situation grew worse and put in the exact biblical words, she was nothing better. Now she has spent all that she had, all the money and resources that she had confidence in is gone. Her skills were gone, connections had disappeared into thin air, all that she had put her certainty in had come to their end. She also had come to the end of herself with her reckless attitude.

It was a pitiable and deplorable case: an emblem of our natural state as fallen creatures, illustrating the vanity of all human remedies or therapies for spiritual maladies. The higher design of all our Lord’s miracles of healing irresistibly suggests this way of viewing the present case, the propriety of which will become more evident as we proceed.

She came to the end of herself and now remembered that she had been told something about that man of Galilee who was a public man that every Tom, Dick and Harry ran after. She had heard of Jesus. What had she “heard of Jesus?” No doubt she had heard of His marvelous cures and the stories she had heard in comparison with her bitter experience of the vanity of applying to any other, had been blessed to the kindling in her soul of a firm confidence that He who had so willingly wrought such cures on others was able and would not refuse to heal her also.

Now, like the multitude she has to go after this man after she had explored all the available avenues and access(es) she had at her disposal. She made up her mind to go after this man after there was a change in her attitude and immediately she went through the crowd and finally she gets to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment.

According to the traditional law, the touch of anyone having the disease, which this woman had, would have defiled the person touched. Some think that the recollection of this may account for her stealthily approaching Him in the crowd behind, and touching but the hem of His garment. But there was an instinct in the faith which brought her to Jesus, which taught her, that if that touch could set her free from the defiling disease itself, it was impossible to communicate defilement to Him, and that this wondrous Healer must be above such laws.

Who are the many “physicians” she went to for help?

In today’s church they are the false teachers making false representations of the person of Jesus and the Word of God. They refuse to acknowledge the authority of the Word of God and doctrines represented from which the Church can be fed and brought to the place of maturity. They represent the many teachings in the church tossing men to and fro, making men wander around because of the many adverts and presentations about what they felt they could do. The ultimate intent is to extort money from vulnerable and ignorant Christians.

The attitude of today’s Church stinks and until the Church gets to that place where we are taught the true doctrines of God ordained by the real physician, we would continue to lie critically in the intensive care unit with no work done.

Mark 5: 21 – 29

Be Refreshed!


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