It Made No Sense


Amazingly, there are many things that God uses to get our attention in order to draw us close(r) to Him. God is still the same and it’s quite impossible to fully grasp Him as we look through the glass of knowledge and understanding. One minute you think you have figured Him out and the next minute, you are trying to figure Him out with the knowledge of yesterday, only to find out that we need to discover Him daily in order to live for each day given to us.

This is because what can be known about God is made plain to us. God made it natural and ordinary to the eyes. Ever since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities being, His eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen and understood through the things that He created. So individuals are without excuse.  Although we knew God, we didn’t honor Him as God or thank Him for who He is. Instead, our reasoning became pointless, and our foolish hearts became pitch-black and obscured. While we were claiming to be wise, we made a fool of ourselves. There was nothing that He did that made sense to us. Our concentration propped more towards the created and not the creator. We have decided to choose gold and not God.

We saw the Sun and did not glorify God for the creation of the phenomena; we saw the Moon with the intensity of light it provides for humanity; we saw the clouds and most especially we saw human beings moving from place to place. And rather than glorify God, we decided to pitch our tents on the created things – we worshipped the created. Such as seen today is the moon god, the sun god and the many others we have as permitted by our infested and dead-on-arrival cognizance and intellect. What was supposed to make sense to us had no meaning to us.

God started with Noah when He instructed him to build an ark. The ark was meant to shield people from the destruction that loomed. God was going to wipe out the face of the earth in destruction because of the sin that pervaded human beings and their world. He also instructed Noah to tell and invite people to come into the ark after he built it. The people scorned and made ridicule of the idea so Noah ended up in the ark with his wife, his three sons and their wives.

I imagine that the people would have thought, how could that happen; it’s never happened before, why would the world come to an end. Their thoughts could be summed up as reason. They would have implored the vehicle of reason, which, was finite to explain the infinite, and His plan and purpose for the world then. However, God had to be true to His Word and the world came to an end. That’s why you will read in the book of Matthew that these last days can be likened to the days of Noah. It is already making no sense to us like it did in Noah’s generation.

We are then faced with another instance: when the children of Israel got to the wilderness after they left Egypt. They were led by the Lord through that path but when they got to the Red sea, they began to murmur against God and their leader Moses. It was God, through the ten plagues that helped Israel get out of Egypt. The Bible describes that very act as a result of the mighty hand of God. Why would anyone murmur if indeed they saw God see them through that ordeal.

Getting to the red sea and with the wilderness on one side, it was a big problem for them. They had never seen any sea split into two parts. Not only was the sea a problem, Pharaoh and his chariots were racing towards them fiercely.  In their minds, their end had come and all that God did in Egypt didn’t make sense to them because presently they were in a predicament that needed immediate attention and rescue. Would God have saved them to destroy them in the wilderness? The contrary was said to Moses, they said “You brought us out of Egypt to kill us” and by this, they were wrong in their summations. Just because we are limited in our senses does not mean that we can think out the process that God will use to save His people.

They were astonished at what God did in the splitting of the red sea. I can imagine their mouths wide open in absolute surprise. Their attention was gotten by the miracle and instead of turning their attention to the God that split the sea, it soon became something they had forgotten. They had to give their attention again to their bellies because they were in the wilderness, and there was hunger. Again, through the vehicle of reason, their thoughts would have been – there is no way we can eat good food in this wilderness because all we are surrounded with are just trees, trees and trees.

In other words, they tried to factor God out in how He was going to bring food to them in the wilderness. What was impossible for man in their finite mind was always possible for God. God would have to surprise them again through the Manna that rained down from Heaven, and then their minds would change again. It was very easy for God to take these children out of Egypt but it became an uphill task taking Egypt out of His children. They always wanted to figure out God and then make a move, but God required that they trust Him as a God of integrity; a God who stands by His Word.

This same nation of Israel came into another dilemma when Samuel was their judge. Samuel was an acclaimed prophet who prophesied and it was said of him, whatever he prophesies comes to past. They had trusted in the relationship Samuel had with God. Samuel was getting old and his children had been appointed judges. They went in direct opposite paths compared to their father. The people brought their report to Samuel about his children and also requested that they wanted to be like other nations who had people ruling them as King. They refused God as their king indirectly. It made no sense to them why they could not have a king like other nations. But they had a King in God. By having a human being as a king they thought would make sense because what was seen to them made more sense than what was unseen.

God told Samuel to grant the petition of the Israelites; He also told him what the human king they wanted would do to them, their children; their servants and their livestock inclusive. But because they still could not make sense of what God is (was) doing they decided to call a bluff on Samuel’s words. The rational and natural part of life will always make more sense because it will appeal to the intellect and brainpower. They had completely forgotten how God had helped them conquer their enemies. They had to make sense of everything they see and if things don’t make sense, they rejected them. Saul was made King and that was the beginning of sorrow, tears and blood, the regular trademark of the monarch. Saul had to be replaced by David.

The mystical body, the Church, has come in an epic moment of history. It is the only body that has been given a documentation representing the etiquette and decorum of heaven. As we read and study the Bible, which none of the generations before us had, we see the God of yesterday, the present God and the future God stepping out from the pages of the Book, coming to our understanding, so that we are able to have advance information on what God would be doing in the future. We will read from our forefathers and learn from their mistakes and why they did not make it into the Promised Land. We have also been given advance information about the dangers of trying to figure out how God does His things but to simply believe and trust that if (God) has said a thing, He has enough integrity to implement and perform.

As things gets fiercer and fiercer these days, we can only depend and trust in God and not run the rat race of trying to figure out the creator because it will not make sense.

In God’s wisdom, he determined that the world wouldn’t come to know him through her wisdom. Instead, God was pleased to save those who believe through the foolishness of preaching. It would not make sense to the natural man.

Be Refreshed


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