Playing Out The Script.


When the word Script is mentioned, our mind or cognitive energy begins to interpret by trying to break down the word so that we are able to relate and give meaning to the word. It is writing a screenplay. It is formed as a combination of words: words are combination of letters. When all these are put together, they form a play; a drama or sometimes we refer to them as a speech. The script gives a connotation of a writing, which carries a message portrayed to the audience in a drama.

Having drama behind our mind, we expect that there would be actors and actresses who will be invited to act in it so as to portray an intended message, unknown to the audience. The writer and the person directing the drama know the end of the story and because it’s a drama, the actors are left to play their role. Collectively, a picture is formed in the mind of the audience as they watch.

The audience on the other hand are subjected to persuasion and are engaged to the drama being played out; they are left to make their postulations and suppositions. Through their cognitive abilities, they are able to draw deductions or what so many will call lessons learnt.

The Bible describes God as the beginning and the end. He knows the end from the beginning, like the scriptwriter in a play. He has written the script concerning us and we are left on earth to play out the script. In this script, we become both the audience and the actor or actress. We are not allowed to know how the drama will end even as actors and actresses, because we still have a lot to learn about His person and character. He has chosen the characters that would be part of this drama and we are left to play our part coupled with the other actors and actresses. The actors and actresses are the different people that will come in and out of our lives.

This God!

The story of Ruth readily comes to mind as we continue in this discuss.

In accordance with the purpose of God for the salvation of humanity through His son Jesus, God had chosen a young woman who would be an ancestor of David the King. She was from the heathen land of Moab but God needed her to be part of His script when we look at the story of Jesus as he introduces us to the New Testament. Ruth’s name will be part of the four women named in the genealogy of Jesus.

In acting out this script, a man called Elimelech was invited to be part of the actors. Naomi his wife was invited, as well as their two sons (Mahlon and Chilion). They all lived in a place called Bethlehem-Judah.

Part of the script was for them to move to a place called Moab because God had appointed other characters He had chosen and they all had to meet with each other. The excuse they had was that there was famine in the land. Unknown to them, they had been scripted to meet a young lady who had also been invited by God to be part of the script. Their names are Orpah and Ruth.

Unknown to the characters invited, Elimelech who was first invited would soon finish his part of the script, which was to move them to the land of Moab. He would not be featured again in this script. He died and Naomi was left with her two sons. Soon they would all meet the two characters mentioned earlier on. After the death of their father, Mahlon and Chilion would marry their wives according to the script.

Would you believe that all Mahlon and Chilion had to do in the script was to be born into this family, move with their parents to Moab and marry wives. Their part also ended and would not be part of this script again. They both died; Naomi, their mother was left with the two daughter’s in-law. What a tragedy some might say, ‘what has this family done wrong’? This is the point where we begin to become ambiguous in our thinking: some will say they were in sin, some will come up with generational curse, some will come up with attacks from the devil et al.

Naomi would decide to go back to where she came from (Bethlehem-Judah) and the two women will initially decide to go with her. However, Naomi would encourage them to go back and not go with her, as they were no longer bound by law to the marriage they both had with her sons. They could be married to other men if they so wished; no one would call them adulterers. They were free to go. What does the script say?

Orpah had finally come to the end of her role but Ruth hadn’t. Naomi would end up with Ruth and they would both return to the land of Bethlehem, according to the script. Without equivocation, at this point, the script seems like a way of bringing Ruth to the land of Bethlehem. Is the script about Ruth or Naomi?

Are there other characters in this script? No one knows but the writer of the script. They were not given an idea about the details of the script, although they were a major part of the script and the whole issue is almost becoming an enigma to all and sundry. Naomi concluded that she went away full but God brought her back empty. She almost changed her name in the script to Mara, which means bitterness. She was wrong and according to script, she was not allowed to change her name. She was still called Naomi. If she knew what she brought back (Ruth), she wouldn’t have contemplated changing her name or saying the things she said.

There was someone else who was invited to feature in the script at a particular time; he was left behind initially un-introduced and unknown to them. Boaz would come into the scene. He was an owner of a field where ears of corn were gleaned. He had blood relations to Naomi’s late husband. The script would have been written so that the two would meet. This would not occur by accident, as some will analyse or compute!

This field would be the environment that would provide a reason for the meeting and Boaz getting close to Ruth. Ruth would find favour with Boaz, who would advise that his servants leave some portion for Ruth to glean without much effort; again all scripted. It seems that this script is all about Ruth, I guess. It’s becoming obvious that Ruth is finally becoming the major actress in this script.

Ruth was careful to report all that happened in the field to Naomi and she got adequate advice going forward. There was a time when Boaz told her not to glean anywhere else except his own field. He told her to stay away from other men and she informed Naomi about all these. Naomi was thus able to advice, all unknowingly acting out what had been written in the script.

According to the LAW, there was another man who was also related to Elimelech (Naomi’s husband). He was before Boaz in the family hierarchy and would have had to marry Ruth in the event that situation arose. He was not invited and would not feature in this script. He would not become a threat to the already written script.

Finally Naomi would advise Ruth, again according to that which is written and Boaz would end up marrying Ruth and then she would get pregnant and give birth to a son who they would name Obed. Naomi will become nurse to the child.

Obed is the father of Jesse, who is father of King David and we have a path to Jesus, because he has to come from the tribe of Judah. On the other hand Boaz was the descendant of Salmon who married Rahab (the harlot of Jericho, who saved the spies).

Do you know that as you have come into Christ, there is a reason why God apprehended you at this particular time in your life? All that will happen and the people that will be part of realising this reason and purpose has been put in or written as a script which will be unknown to you and to anyone as you become the main actor/actress and at the same time the audience?

People will come into your life and leave at some point known to God. Situations and circumstances will also occur, also known to God and putting all the good, the bad and the ugly times together, the purpose of God for you will be realised at the right time (God’s time).

It is called the good pleasure of God.

Be refreshed!


4 comments on “Playing Out The Script.

  1. All we do is act according to our individual script and learn from it has it goes by not knowing what the script writer has in mind or where the script is taking the drama. He knows about all our circumstances cos he already wrote and planned it out for his own best known reason. Wonderful stuff. I’m refreshed.

  2. nice article, however, are we now as Christians meant to believe( well according to this article) that generational curse doesn’t exist. If that’s the case, what about cases where our forefathers have had covenants with other god’s and in not following them or continuing in this established agreement the consequences now act or follow the generations to come. THESE THINGS DOES HAPPEN!!!!!!!

    • The bible says “if any man be in Christ, he is a new man, old things are past away”…..continuous intake of bible doctrine will set you on the path of God’s plan for your life….

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