Where is God

Where is God – He Keeps Out Of Sight !

How can this be happening to me? God says he loves me but I don’t seem to understand and come to that reality and I am here drowning. I am faced with so many issues and don’t seem to be getting a headway.

One of the books featured in the Old Testament, which had little or no mention of God, is the book of Esther. Not even the ritual sacrifice was mentioned. The book was never quoted anywhere in the New Testament as reference. In the book of Hebrews, the name of Esther was never mentioned even in the so-called “Hall of Faith”. Those who were interested in the subjects of deity, prophecy, eschatology or ecclesiology searched the pages of the book of Esther in vain.

To one’s amazement, all through the great deliverances wrought and experienced by the Jews mentioned in this book, not one outburst of thanksgiving was mentioned. The most amazing feature of the book of Esther is its evidence of the Almighty doing what He knows how to do, yet remaining in the unknown or the shadows or concealed.

God’s hands were seen when the King of Persia made a pompous feast and asked that Vashti  come to dance and display her beauty before all. She refused and her refusal caused the King Ahasuerus to divorce her and Esther took her place. Esther becoming the new wife paved a way for the deliverance of the Jews who were already in captivity. What if Esther did not become the new wife of the King or Vashti danced and displayed her beauty before the King and all of his guests?

Esther’s parents were no more so she was brought up by a man called Mordecai who was already linked with the palace as a government official, when he was captured; Israel and Judah were captured by Nebuchadnezzar and were exiled to Babylon. As an instruction from Mordecai, Esther refused to disclose her identity as a Jewess. The King then preferred her. Could this be the hand of God?

God’s hand was seen when there was a plot to kill the King: the chamberlains (Bigthan and Teresh) plotted to kill the King and Mordecai who sat at the King’s gate knew this. Mordecai told Esther about this and the information was found to be true. This made them pen down his name in the books of the chronicles before the King. If you can pretend for one second that you didn’t know the story, one would be tempted to ask of what use is the sparing of the King’s life. Of what benefit is this present predicament that you are on? Why suffer this way someone may ask? Anyway Bigthan and Teresh were hanged on a tree to die.

God’s providence is such that all necessary roadblocks must be encountered and conquered before we move from one phase to another better phase. Providence means that God not only wills all events, but each event. Providence also reveals that God is taking care of us and not a philosophical concept. There is always a preparation for the lessons in the present phase that will prepare us for the next phase.

PROVIDENCE is different from FATE in that FATE is depraved opinion, which deals with fortune or fortuitous or accidental happenings. PROVIDENCE is guarded and guided by God because He has a plan. Looking at Mordecai and Esther so far in this story, we would not concede it as FATE but PROVIDENCE. God has created certain objects to behave according to the laws of their nature, yet these objects are effective only in as much as God empowers them to be. These are instruments of God.

His hands were seen in the election of Haman as the most influential official in the empire next to the King. The King’s servant at the gate bowed and reverenced Haman based on the command of the King. Mordecai did not bow, neither did he reverence Haman. Every day the fellow gatemen threatened to report him (Mordecai) to Haman because they felt he transgressed the King’s commandment. However irrelevant this may sound, Mordecai would not bow because his not reverencing Haman had a lot to do with the plan of God. Don’t forget His people were in bondage, he had to look for a way to bring them out. So according to God’s providence, nothing takes place by chance!

Some may say Mordecai should have bowed or reverenced Haman physically and not in his heart; some do not care what they do as long as they are not thrown in the fiery furnace; some would not care how much they compromise as long as they avoid the den of lions and some would have bowed to Haman in order not to face the wrath of the King.

God’s hand was seen in the refusal of Mordecai bowing down to Haman because it brought to the King’s attention that, there were a people living in that land (even the King did not know Esther’s identity). However, Haman got the King to seal a document so that Mordecai and his people could be killed: letters were sent all around that the Jews should be killed, young, old and children. What was bad news to the Jews was good news to Haman and the King as they sat down to drink. To the natural man: the King already sealed the letter, meaning there is no going back; this death coming our way is because Mordecai was egoistic and proud, little did they know that God was still in control over their lives.

Is He still in control over our lives today? YES.

His hands were seen again when Esther decided to visit the King uninvited. She had said within herself, “If I will die by doing that, let me die. Who knows, if this is the reason why I was made queen; to deliver my people who are about to be killed and destroyed”. She appeared and the King sites her, stretches forth his golden sceptre, giving her access to the court; which Esther touched and the next question is what do you want Esther? Esther invited the King and Haman to a banquet. Is God still in control?

God’s hand was seen when Haman’s wife told Haman that gallows had been built for Mordecai so that he could be hanged to die. But that very night the King could not sleep because God did not allow him to. He (King) commanded that the book that had the records of chronicles be read to Him. Remember Mordecai’s name was recorded as saving this king’s life in that book. Of all the people recorded in the book, the account of Mordecai caught the Kings attention and He demanded Mordecai be honoured. Why at that time? Fate or coincidence as some may like to think, but God was at work although concealed.

God’s hand is evident when the King reversed his order; Haman was killed in the gallows dug from the instructions of his wife, Esther remained the Queen and Mordecai was promoted to Haman’s place as the next man to the King. More importantly, the Jews were saved from the wrath of Haman.

Only God would have made these stories fall in place. All parts are needed. Every phase prepared both Mordecai and Esther in preparation for the next phase.

You might not see Him in your present predicament but please know that PROVIDENCE proves to us the fatherly favour of God towards humanity, knowing that natural events are determined by God on behalf of or against certain people.

Again nothing takes place or happens by chance. Although He keeps out of sight, God is ever behind the scene working!

Be Refreshed!


3 comments on “Where is God

  1. This is on point. If only Christians apply the moral of this story to whatever challenges we go through in life, the more we will learn to rely on God thereby stop falling prey to false doctrine and deceit of false pastors who are only after what they can gain by telling their victims to sow a seed in order to change the mind of God. Fantastic article i must say. keep it coming.

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