The Portrait Of Man


“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it” Jeremiah 17:9

“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” Genesis 6:5

These are God’s thoughts of the human race after the fall in the Garden of Eden. It was never the intention of God for man to turn out like this. God created and made man in His image after His likeness with absolute dominion over all that God had made. God put man in the middle of the Garden of Eden.

A Garden connotes and gives a sense of protection. Eden means Pleasure and Delight in the Hebrew language. So, mankind was put in the midst of delight and pleasure.

Eden is a region where streams abound, where they divide and re-unite, where alone in the Mesopotamia tract can be found the phenomenon of a single river parting into four arms, each of which is or has been a river of consequence/importance.

Adam and Eve lived a life free of care and without labour and sorrow. Old age was unknown, the body never lost its vigour; existence was a perpetual feast without taint of evil. The earth brought spontaneously all things that were good in profuse abundance.

Here comes our choice to step out of that domain. Living within the domain means they were covered by the infrastructural provisions made available by the Heavenly Government. God was ready to protect them by all means. A step outside the domain means a step into something else, something beyond this said government. It is stepping into another world.

Evidently, man (mankind) made a choice. He stepped out of that domain and was sent out of Eden, leaving pleasantness into unpleasantness; leaving delight into discomfort/dissatisfaction. When you leave light you step into darkness and into deeper darkness. The question then will now be, ‘what happens in darkness’?

MANKIND now was removed from this Garden of Pleasure/Delight by God and was put on earth to till the ground where he was made from. In other words, privileges were withdrawn because the image of God in MAN had become contaminated. It was the beginning of SORROW. We became then an object of ridicule.

Nothing satisfies, everything is intolerable. Nothing brings relief, nothing good is certain, there is no rest and sorrow outweighs joy. We became preoccupied with self. We were far from being close to God. God was never on our mind as we became pre-occupied with darkness. We became the object on our minds. Every path we follow leads back to us. It was no more pleasantness or satisfaction.

We stepped into dissatisfaction, frustration and displeasure. We lost the power from on high and were sucked into the power of sin, monitored and controlled by the devil. We were opened to a different kind of thinking which was outside the domain of God; the domain of light and could only think evil and not good. We became citizens of darkness; we went from one degree of darkness to another. The pressure to restore the sense of delight became an exercise in futility. We looked for pleasantness but it was far beyond our reach. We could never please God again; our good works simply was not and can never be enough.

Human good always turns to evil. By following human good as natural policy both foreign and domestic, we set ourselves up for overt slavery to the predatory form of evil known as SOCIALISM.

The pleasantness and the delight we had in Eden was gradually going to be replaced by sublimation: a process where we engage in other things (as alternatives) to replace that sense of loss; thinking we can get back to having delight and pleasantness. We derive this through things like alcoholism, sex, drugs, shopping etc. There is that tendency to restore us back to Eden, not through God but through the human manufacture of pleasure, from darkness which we have become. We have tried to restore Eden but every attempt brings frustration and ends us up in more darkness, worse than our last state.

We replaced the worship of the true God with that of idols, the creature. This implies that there is something in humans that will always look for a deity that would bring delight and pleasantness, but all our efforts become an exercise in futility and vanity.

Apostle Paul, describes us as darkness when he said “For you were sometimes DARKNESS”, stipulating that an attempt to find the true God from our present state will only end us up in more darkness, deeper than we ever thought.

As human beings, we have concocted all sorts of religion(s) to replace the passion for God, and the more we try to find the real thing the more we fall into more darkness and frustration deepens. God cannot be replaced in darkness. All we will find in darkness CAN ONLY be darkness, nothing else except the varying degree of this perplexity. The god of this world (Satan) now rules over our lives. He has become our “god”.

In darkness, our choices will constantly gravitate towards our evil propensities. We can’t do right, we can’t choose right, we can’t act right, we can’t produce right, and we just can’t be right because our hearts have become the seat of deception above all things and desperately wicked. Apostle Paul puts it right when he echoed, “All have sinned and have fallen short of God’s glory”.

We have de-God(ed) God, we have removed him from our minds; we are set in our own way. Our imaginations and thoughts will always be against God because we live in a different domain from that in which God lives. We simply can’t get it right.

So what did we discover in darkness as a consequence of the choice that was made at Eden? We abandoned God and ended up with the devil. We became reprobates, unprincipled beings, rakes, shameless, immoral, wrong-doers, ne’er-do-wells, degenerate, profligate, debauchee to mention a few, contrary to what we were.

Turning from glorious revelation of God in nature, we showed that we were fools by making an image like man, or lower animals and calling it a god. We became a mess. The Egyptians worshipped birds, quadruplets and reptiles, to mention a few.

By that, God gave us up to the consequences of our folly, and we followed an awful moral degradation. Our self-professed and self-concocted false religion was no check upon the lusts we had. We engaged in the lowest and most disgusting lusts. Language failed to describe this pollution when Apostle Paul wrote as revealed by pagan writers of that period.

There was a measure of truth revealed to mankind because what should be known of God is clearly seen by us, being shown to us through God Himself. The invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. We were therefore without excuse giving our worship and attention to the things created.

We knew God, we did not glorify and honour Him as God, neither did we give thanks to Him, instead we turned away from Him in our cognitive energy and we refused to glorify or acknowledge Him.

God allowed us to choose the mind that was debased, a mind that became corrupted, polluted, sullied, spoiled, lecherous, lascivious, prurient, wicked and iniquitous. In other words, we chose to completely follow the awful and morally degraded way of life. We started to have dishonourable passions, we engaged in the lowest and the most disgusting lusts not found even in animals, such as women exchanging natural relations for those that are contrary to nature, men committing shameless acts with men and many more.

This is the state of that man or that woman you see walking on the street. Everyone needs help; moral decadence at its best. The thoughts in us are evil continually. We can’t do RIGHT. The more we stay in darkness, the more we discover the depths and the different dimensions of darkness.

In darkness, we will choose people in darkness to be our friends, business partners, wives, husbands, best friends and mentors. We will give birth and multiply in darkness and because darkness is being multiplied, evil will multiply into greater depths, gradually mankind in its depravity will start to sleep with animals.

No amount of good things we do will transform our lives from where we are (darkness). We need God; we need to align with God. Only God can come to save us. We need to be translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.

In darkness we are like Lazarus in John 11. God will need to raise us from the dead because the Bible says we are dead in our sins. When God raises us up, He will re-ignite the dead spirit and restore the desire to choose him in our volition.

God has called us and is calling on us by the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of his only begotten Son Jesus, so that this translation can happen and we can operate within His jurisdiction and domain. The pleasantness and delight we lost will then be restored back to us. We do not need a morally good character achieved by observing one form of law or the other, WE NEED A TRANSLATION, RENDITION AND CONVERSION.

Jesus said “no one can come to the Father except by and through Me, as the Way, the Truth and the Life”. Remember He did not say a way, a truth and a life. He used the definite article “the” specifying that there can be only ONE WAY to the said translation and conversion.

Accept Him today and be translated from the bad kingdom you are in to a better kingdom; the kingdom of light, the Kingdom of God, with complete restoration (The Garden of Eden).

Romans 10:8 – 10.

Be refreshed!!!


One comment on “The Portrait Of Man

  1. Na true talk. Hope we can comprehend the truth about the disposition of God for creating us in His likeness and His image, well let him who have ears hear the good news. The time will come like the dispensation of Noah. SUDDENLY HE SHALL COME!!!

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